About CPR Certification Philadelphia

At CPR Certification Philadelphia, our goal is to provide CPR and First Aid training that is educational, practical and enjoyable to all participants! We have high quality training programs that adhere to accepted AHA standards and criteria.

Our main goal is to equip people with the skills and confidence they need to properly respond to medical emergencies. We are open to all professionals and non-professionals alike, as well as business companies who require our support.

It is a fact that medical emergencies and accidents in the workplace cost American businesses billions of dollars in missed earnings, medical costs, litigation fees, and compensation claims. By educating your staff on how to avoid workplace catastrophes and how to react appropriately when they do arise!

If you’re a medical professional or a student looking to gain more experience, then our courses are definitely for you! Our AHA instructors are very knowledgeable, entertaining, enlightening, and qualified to assist you.

We promise that after taking our course, you will have the knowledge and abilities needed to contribute successfully to a medical team in any emergency care scenario. Now is the perfect moment to obtain your CPR certification and learn the fundamental principles of life-saving that will stay with you for a lifetime!